Legal Innovation Masterclass: Process Improvement & Talent Acquisition 2021

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Digital Marketing Guide For Law Firms In 2021

Here is our guide for the year, with trends and tips that will surely improve your digital marketing strategies for the year.
Downloadable link can be found inside.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Development Strategies Fail

Every professional service provider needs to deploy strategies at different levels for their organisational growth, yet some still fail even with the most impressive plans in place…Continue

Legal Technology And The Rise Of The Smart Lawyer

The traditionally conservative legal market can be likened by software developers to a juicy ripe fruit, ready for the eating. When it comes to Legal Technology, law firms in Nigeria and many countries around the world had been slow to evolve, mostly due to the need to carry on with the familiar…Continue

COVID19 Impact Assessment – Infographic

Here is a look at the global impact of COVID19 in ten industries, we looked at various effects from those experienced in the Oil & Gas industry to the unique challenges in the fashion and beauty industries…..Download