FREE E-BOOK: Tech Talent Strategy for Innovation

Digital transformation and technology innovation are two of the most important drivers of business growth and competitive edge.

In this free e-book, you will better understand the complexities in tech talent acquisition and how to navigate some of the hurdles associated with building a strong team that stands the test of time.

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ARTICLE: How Businesses on the African Continent Can Survive the Next Recession!

As we all work to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, global economies are facing new challenges: inflation and recession. Globally, prices are rising and supply chains are still disrupted.

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Nubianette Launches the Business Development Course for Lawyers – BDCL

Becoming a rainmaker is a highly respected skill in the legal profession. However, it’s not just about meeting the prospects and asking for business from them – it’s also about speaking their language, conveying your messages, and making your business stand out from the rest. The high standards of professionalism and ethics are fundamental to this sport, which is why this course was designed by Nubianette Consulting to provide you with theoretical and practical information on business development and marketing for Lawyers.

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Masterclass: The Tax Planning Masterclass for SMEs 2021

We are grateful for the success of the Tax Planning Masterclass featuring our expert faculty covering a variety of tax and financial planning topics. This was in conjunction with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria and supported by 989 Workspaces and Taxaide Technologies in Nigeria.

Companies operating in Nigeria have specific tax responsibilities, so do foreigners seeking to better manage their investments in the country. This 2-day class (22nd & 23rd July 2021) explored modern approaches in financial planning and tax-saving strategies that help avoid costly mistakes when trying to keep more money in your business or in your client’s pockets.

Masterclass: Legal Innovation Masterclass: Process Improvement & Talent Acquisition

Savvy legal services firms continuously explore ways to improve their business and operational processes, to better meet their ultimate goal of improved service delivery and increased profitability. In short, it helps establish you as a leader when your team provides outstanding service at every point of contact.

We are pleased to have organised the Legal Innovation Master Class on “Law Firm Process Improvement and Talent Acquisition” in conjunction with Legally Engaged on the 9th of July 2021.

Webinar: The Impact of Social Media on the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria

We are living on a fast-changing continent. Social media continues to change the way we do business in Africa at a rapid rate. The power of social media cannot be overemphasised in influencing lifestyles and boosting digital trade. Despite the benefits, why do many African countries still struggle with developing strong ecosystems and digital economies?

These were a few of the points explored during this free webinar organised by Nubianette in conjunction with the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria and Africa Business Radio on Friday 18th June from 11:00 AM WAT as our special panel explores the impact of social media on the ease of doing business in Africa.

Digital Marketing Guide For Law Firms In 2021

Here is our guide for the year, with trends and tips that will surely improve your digital marketing strategies for the year.
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5 Reasons Why Your Business Development Strategies Fail

Every professional service provider needs to deploy strategies at different levels for their organisational growth, yet some still fail even with the most impressive plans in place…Continue

Legal Technology And The Rise Of The Smart Lawyer

The traditionally conservative legal market can be likened by software developers to a juicy ripe fruit, ready for the eating. When it comes to Legal Technology, law firms in Nigeria and in many countries had been slow to evolve, mostly due to the need to carry on with the familiar…Continue

COVID19 Impact Assessment – Infographic

Here is a look at the global impact of COVID19 in ten industries, we looked at various effects from those experienced in the Oil & Gas industry to the unique challenges in the fashion and beauty industries…..Download